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Early Childhood Development Program

For children from 1.5years onwards

LITTLE POPCORNS development program aims to encourage a child to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine.

Between birth and four years the ability to absorb information is unparalleled and the desire to do so higher than it will ever be again. Through planned and structured play your child will develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for future successful learning.


The activities for the LITTLE POPCORNS program are developed using proven early childhood learning models and in house expertise based on years of research and experience. It takes into account the age and learning abilities of the child thereby making learning and development an enjoyable experience.

Activities include: Music & Singing, Dance & Movement, Rhymes, Free play & Games, Picture Talk, Kids Films, Make & Do Creativity Sessions, Dramatics, Alphabets & Numbers, Nature & Outdoor Activities. We also take the children on well-organized field trips, picnics and sports to compliment the learning and development process.

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