About Us

WONDERKIDS is an institution providing quality education to children through its Preschool activities. Founded in the year 2002 and headquartered in Navi Mumbai; Maharashtra State; India, we specialize in providing quality Early Child Development programs through our age appropriate curriculum. The WONDERKIDS Preschool comprises of Playgroup, Nursery, Junior K.G., and Senior K.G.

At WONDERKIDS we create a complete world for children, where they can Celebrate Childhood while they Develop their Personalities. We atWONDERKIDS are known for our professionalism, commitment and quality orientation in all that we do.

WONDERKIDS as a brand is associated with character, discipline, intelligence, creativity, positive personality, efficiency, caring, growth, self-esteem, strong personal values, leadership, teamwork, relationship and great attitude.


Since 2002, WONDERKIDS as an institution has been providing quality education to children through its unmatched experience and success in Preschool & Daycare Services.

As a brand WONDERKIDS is associated with quality, professionalism and strong personal values. The instituion has carved out a niche in the Pre-school sement with benchmark standards in education, childcare & operational excellence.

Our vision is to see more than 2500 pass out from WONDERKIDS in a single academic year. This will translate into having atleast 400 WONDERKIDS centers across the country.

We stand committed to our Franchisees and partner them with unmatched enthusiasm to fulfil mutual goals related to the development of children and the accomplishment of business goals by way of training, audit and support.

Sanjay Bakliwal – Chairman


The new generation of children exhibit skills and talents of unparalleled genius. The environment at WONDERKIDS provides the requisite mental and physical stimulation which helps the children to develop to their full potential.

Through planned and structured play the children will develop the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for future successful learning.

The concept of Preschool education has emerged as one of the most lucrative segments of the Indian education market, specially with the increasing acceptance of the importance of education at an early age.  Due to which the  Preschool industry is perhaps the only industry that empowers women to start and own their business.

Seema Bakliwal – Vice Chairperson

From the Desk of Operation's

We acknowledge with great sense of responsibility that our children are at the early stages of their learning paths. They are like little sponges soaking up the seeds of learning that we sow and we have a unique and privileged opportunity to help shape and develop each and every child in our care, building firm foundations for their futures and also foster children’s individual needs and develop their talents, abilities and interests and provide the best possible start in their life-long journey of learning and growing, which gives them the best preparation for entrance into their next schools.

We value Safety, Security, Nourishment, Relationship of Trust, Respect, Encouragement and Stimulation of Curiosity. Our curriculum ensures that our children are given opportunities to Explore | Discover | Learn, in ways they could not achieve in other settings.

At Wonderkids we provide an alternative environment to the child’s home environment. Your child and you need to know at all times that they are in a caring, loving environment, surrounded by attentive staff committed to providing the very best care and education.

Wonderkids, today, is a preschool of choice, with high occupancy levels and waiting lists, and most importantly we always want to be the first preschool on parents lips when they begin considering where to place their child.

                                                                                          Sunipa Sekhar – Operation Head

our  team

Team WONDERKIDS comprises of warm, caring and trained personnel who love being with children and understand their emotional and developmental needs. The highly Committed and Passionate Team of professionals have immense experience and expertise in the field of Child Care, Early Child Development and Education. Into this long lasting relationship are woven the stories, songs and activities that form the fabric of the child’s future.

Meenu Khanna

Creative Head

Neha Shetty

Finance Head

Anil Vishwakarma

Marketing Head

Shobha Ganatra

Administration Head


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