WONDERKIDS DAYCARE is a qualitative and positively enriched experience that aims to nurture and nourish the children in a safe, secure, sensitive, happy and comfortable child centric environment thereby meeting their emotional, social, developmental and nutritive needs.


  • At WONDERKIDS DAYCARE We Love, We Nurture, We Care and We Develop the children in our guardianship such that they become positive individuals.
  • The activities at WONDERKIDS DAYCARE take into account the age and developmental milestones of the child thereby making stay and play an enjoyable experience.
  • WONDERKIDS DAYCARE provides wholesome meals to the children by providing food at requisite intervals such that it meets the child’s nutritive requirements in a balanced and timely manner.
  • At WONDERKIDS DAYCARE the child’s welfare and happiness is our paramount consideration. In addition, our environment provides for the requisite mental and physical stimulation thereby contributing to the children attaining their full possible potential.
  • At WONDERKIDS DAYCARE we facilitate in the development of social skills such that the child enjoys sharing with, caring & interacting with his housemates.
  • At WONDERKIDS DAYCARE we instill and nurture the development of good habits, attitude, manners and values.
  • At WONDERKIDS DAYCARE we enable the child to become independent, confident and of having healthy self-esteem.
  • At WONDERKIDS DAYCARE we are continuously evolving methods that enable us in Celebrating Childhood and in developing a Wonderful World For Children.

  • Ambience and Hygiene – Wonderkids Daycare has been designed for children to feel an element of warmth and space in an environment that radiates positive energy and cleanliness.
  • Trained Staff – Our careful selection and rigorous training process ensures that our caregivers are perceptive, patient, responsive and equipped to instruct, guide, support, encourage and effectively manage the children in our care in a manner that is healthy and competent.
  • Flexible Timing Options – We offer very flexible options with respect to the use of Daycare facilities taking into account the child’s schedule of schooling, weekly holidays and vacations.
  • Timely, Nutritive and Balanced Meals – We provide meal options depending on the number of hours the child enrolls in the Daycare facility. All meals are wholesome and incorporates nutrition, variety and taste such that children look forward to meal times.
  • Resting Facilitie – We provide resting facilities such that the children benefit from napping in a relaxed and calm environment with dim lighting and soothing music.
  • Academic Monitoring and Support – We provide facilities to attend to meeting the tutoring requirements of school going children in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.
  • Activities, Outings & Celebrations – We have regular activities to stimulate the all-round development of the child through creative art, craft, music, dance, general knowledge, story-telling, dramatics, games, outings and celebrations.
  • Healthcare – We ensure that children in our care are monitored for their well-being. We provide facilities to ensure that medical exigencies are attended to in a manner that is best for the child.
  • Regular Child Feedback and Reports – We maintain comprehensive child logs and share the same with the parents of the child so that together we can ensure that the child profits from a mutually caring and sustaining unit.

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