Wonderkids belief that every child has a different personality, and those personalities need to be nurtured in a positive way. When children do not have anything constructive to do, they tend to make mischief, which is something that can be avoided with proper guidance. We have a list of extracurricular activities for kids and what your child can learn depending on their age and interests. Apart from that Extracurricular activities have shown many positive benefits in recent research and studies, from teaching them socialization and team skills to stress management and health benefits.


it take two to tango! Dance builds confidence, co-ordination and Kinesthetic intelligence in children.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Sports teach the child to be responsible, grow physically& mentally.


Focus, Balance , Amaze! Gymnastics is a form of organized activity. It helps children to develop mental and Physical strength and it is a fun way to remain fit.

Martial arts

The art of self Defense. Martial art or karate induce the right dose of Self esteem.

Story Telling

Tiny Tales and lasting memories. Story telling forms a crucial part in developing a child’s personality .With the right kind of stories , we can instill values in children, from patience to selflessness to empathy. They understand various cultures, improve their listening , speaking and over all language skills and encourages creativity.


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